Gettin’ Buckets 3 on 3 Tournaments


Sunday, March 22nd 2020

Saline High School 

1300 Campus Parkway

Saline MI

3 ON 3

3 on 3 basketball is recognized as the standard method of learning team play with individual skill. It will enhance a players understanding and importance in the game and as a part of a team. We are creating an enthusiastic and competitive atmosphere while raising funds for our Spring/Summer AAU players.

Players will receive:

  •  More touches
  • Better understanding of ball to player movements
  • Space, readiness, positioning, reads, defensive awareness
  • Competitive Gameplay 
  • 4 Guaranteed Games 
  • MXP Tournament T-Shirts 


150$ Per Team (4 Players)

Free T-Shirt 

4 Guaranteed Games

  • 4/5th Division 
  • 5/6th Division 
  • 7/8th Division
  • 9/10th Division 
  • Varsity Division 
  • Adult (College and Older) Division